Horses Of Tir Na Nog Kindle Cover updated final

An incredible love story about the bonds of trust, passion and friendship that will forever change the lives of a fireman, the manager of a horse rescue ranch and everyone around them. A story of compassion, unending love, forever friendship and the joy of seeing life and the world through the eyes of others.

CJ’s early years were an absolute train wreck. At 19, her short life had nearly ended. Dumped in a field like a piece of garbage, she had been stripped naked, raped, beaten and left for dead ……… By 20 though, she had taken her life back and started to turn things around. She had spent a year in rehab and, while there, earned her high school degree and finished a year of junior college.

Now, five years later, she is the manager of the Horses of Tir Na Nog Horse Rescue Ranch, surrounded by the most magnificent creatures in the world. For the first time in her life, she has found warmth and friendship and is completely in love with life.

But will it last? Is her life about to derail again?

Sitting in the shed, the storm pounding around her, she leaned her head against his as he took his last breath.

Will her new found life go with him? Will this plunge her back into the darkness that had been her life for so many years? Or, had he just opened a new door for her to walk through?


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What readers are saying about Horses Of Tir Na Hog, A New Door Opens

Top 10 Reviews: Average Review 4.5 Stars out of 5


The first in a trilogy, this is a heart-warming story of CJ and the Horses of Tir Na Nog Horse Rescue Ranch.

CJ, the Ranch manager, has worked hard to leave her troubled past behind.

Love comes calling when an unfortunate accident brings Shawn to the Ranch.

Before long you’re drawn into the lives of CJ, Shawn, Shannon, Bert, Kate, Ami and a mix of other colourful characters.

Full of drama, adventure, love and laughter (and a wee Irish myth) Horses of Tir Na Nog will keep you turning each page well after the lights have gone out.

Bob is a naturally gifted storyteller and has a way of describing scenes that are loaded in sensory detail which make you feel like you’re right there experiencing it all. He also addresses the serious themes underlying this story with compassion and respect.

The Horses of Tir Na Nog has a fast pace and brilliant real-to-life dialogue, which will make you feel like you’re one of the characters.

If you want to read a story that has a true sense of community of people that love and look out for each other, this is it!

This is a great debut and I can’t wait to read Book 2, The Sisterhood.


CJ is a precious and funny soul who is has come through some tough times. Along with some strong messages about surviving horrific abuse and coming out the other side ~ this book is also a beautiful story of healing and finding love and friendships. The relationship Shawn and CJ share is one of those once in a lifetime bonds that is told beautifully and refreshingly. I really liked this book and the endearing and strong relationships in it. Fabulous.


I love this book it’s funny, sad, and a ton more emotions you can have while reading this book. I love how everyone met and how everything goes this is like a life changing book. It’s like you’re in the book I loved every second of reading this book it deserves all five stars and more. I couldn’t put this book down its my favorite. I give this author my thanks this has great points in staying safe everywhere so a big thank you to you Bob Boze. I am 14 and I am going to stay safe all thanks to reading which I love to do. Best book of any I read and very inspiring. Keep writing Bob!!!!!!


I don’t want to give too much away, but this is a beautiful love story and a story of triumph over adversity through the help of others who believe in you. I love the story too of the horses who are helped through the work of the people at Tir Na Nog and how the horses give them so much more in return.


Once I started reading this book, I was not able to put it down. Bob has a gift for bringing to life his characters and pulling the reader into their journey. This book is about horses and the incredible relationship between humans and horses and what we can provide to each other. I am inspired to visit the horse ranch and meet these incredible horses in person someday. The book provides hope and inspiration to all .. well done!


I too am not a fan of the mushy gushy love story. Fortunately, in this case I’ve never left a book I’ve started unread. I began this book because I promised a friend that I’d read it, I now thank that friend from the bottom of my heart. I was truly engaged with the charm of the characters but more importantly it brought me so close to the love I have for my wife and the strength I find in the friendships I’ve been blessed with thus far. In my circles men don’t generally cry, this book did however evoke a tear or two.


I loved this book. It seemed almost too sweet at times but such a treat to read something that doesn’t leak violence from its very pores. The humor, slapstick at times, had me laughing out loud. I just ordered the second book in the series. Many props to the author for donating proceeds to help take care of the real horses of Tir Na Nog.


This is a heart-warming book on the transformative powers of compassion, friendship, and love. The broken spirit of the main character, CJ, is renewed not only by her love and compassion for the rescued horses at the Tir Na Nog Ranch, but also by the friendship, caring, and love heaped on her by the amazing staff and volunteers at Tir Na Nog. The book is an easy read, and leaves the reader with a great life lesson that we are often healed most completely through service to others in need.


I absolutely loved this book. I stayed up super late to be able to finish it because I just had to keep reading more of it. I’m an SD native so it was really fun to read a story that revolved around my hometown. I plan on buying a copy or two to give to some of my book loving friends. I totally recommend this book. 😊


I loved this book. When it comes to describing things in a way most people would (scrubby ball) I found it amusing to see descriptions I would use, as opposed to the proper terms (loofah). There are characters with harsh backgrounds and better ones, which I appreciate, as I come from a harsh background myself. Plenty of sweet moments and lots of comedy. There are people who have said it seemed too sweet in places, well I can honestly say that some people DO act overly sweet with those they can tell have lived a hard life, my husband was that way with me for a long time. Actually, he still is! All in all, a well written novel and I look forward to reading more.


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