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CJ’s dreams continue, as she finds herself back at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. First, seeking protection for Rachel, then, the entire Sisterhood. (Actually, make that Sisterhoods; as there will soon be three.) Her final trip will be to introduce someone very special to the merchants who protect her.

But will her biggest dream, to have a baby, come true? And, will Shawn embrace her dream?

Now in college, CJ must leave the ranch in the hands of Shannon and Christine. The two sisters that she would trust with her most treasured and loved possessions: Be they her husband, her friends or the horses they all cherish.

With Paige and Jessie about to graduate from GenerateHope, what does fate hold in store for them? Will life find them back on the street or, will the Sisterhood protect and nurture them so they can grow into the wonderful women they are meant to be?

For Alice, was moving to the states wise? Will the rest of the Sisterhood love a person who can’t tell a horse from a sheep or a chicken, as much as CJ and Shannon? And, what about the person who followed her from London? The one who’s obsessed with her.

Facing one of the driest years in history, Shawn, Bert, Rachel, and the rest of the firemen and EMT’s of the Bonita-Sunnyside Fire District, will spend most of their summer at the station. While they protect the people of Bonita and San Diego County, the girls will find themselves protecting the ranch they treasure and the horses they love.

A note from the author:

As I leave CJ, Shawn and all their friends, to enjoy the rest of their lives, I can only hope that you’ve enjoyed sharing their lives, as much as I have. Please join me in as I close the final chapters in the lives of some of the most wonderful people I know.


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What readers are saying about Dreams

Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Rejoin CJ and Shawn, Shannon and Bert, Matt and Christine and the rest of the cast as they navigate through new challenges.

Meet a delightful new couple, Alice and Shane, who will have you laughing at their antics.

Prepare for the ultimate sensory ride as food and travel becomes center point again.

Dreams twists and turns slowly and at other times races away taking the reader through an upheaval of emotions, everything from ‘feel-good’ to ‘oh no’. Dreams will leave you smiling for most part, but teary at other’s.

It’s hard to keep the momentum in a series flowing and something I find a lot of authors never quite manage to pull off. Not so with The Horses trilogy. Bob has done more than a wonderful job of keeping each book interesting with good pacing. One of a very few series I’ve read where the next book is an improvement on the last and where symbolism and connections are carried well throughout.

I was sad to leave the sisterhood behind but there’s always hope that the next generation story is about to be told…

Dreams is the stunning end to a stunning trilogy.


I loved this book, was not able to put it down. Bob brings to life his characters and you feel like you know them. You smile with them and feel pain with them. It shows how with love from those who truly care these girls who have had such horrible lives can grow and become amazing women. With each book I had to look up the places mentioned and visited, the Ranch, GenerateHope, San Diego Zoo, Countries and the local areas. I hope you will read all three for a full appreciation of the characters and places. I am looking forward to any future book.


Dreams is book 3 of the series and is like the others is a sweet story with well developed characters and descriptive settings that made it so I was able to see the story play out in my head even though I’d never been to these places. I like that the story did not need to rely on vulgar dialog or situations in order to be told, it was done with integrity and class and still does a good job highlighting its theme of romance, perseverance, and growth. The characters pov’s change throughout and that caught me off gaurd however it was easy to follow once I got used to it. Each character is so complex and important it really did need to be told through each of there eyes so I understand why that was done. All in all I recommend reading this book, it was charming and sweet and uplifting and will just put you in a better mood but I do recommend reading the first two books in this series first.


Loved the book! Bob Boze continues the story of friendships and adventure in San Diego, he surprises us with twists and romance that make it a fun read



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