Pretty Girl Front Cover Final High BPIA humorous autobiographical anthology from the author of the best-selling love story series the Horses of Tir Na Nog.


What’s it like to have your love life devastated….twice……before you’re six?

What’s it like when everyone knows how your life will turn out…….5 months before you’re born?

What’s it like to step off a bus in a foreign country 3,500 miles from home and feel like you were always meant to be there?

What’s it like to be enchanted by history and a city that has been the center of trade and multiple empires for over 2000 years?

What’s it like to volunteer at the World Famous San Diego Zoo for over 20 years, only to find out 10 year olds know more than you do?

What’s it like to show the love of your life the world you so dearly love, only to find out she’s really the one leading the parade?

To find out the answer to these and thousands of other questions, come fly with me and my pretty girl with a cape as we travel the world and life!


Follow the author and his wife, as they travel the world …. several times over.

Laugh at their funny stories, self-inflicted crazy events, strange observations, wacky zoo facts and snippets, tales from their restaurant days and hilarious motel stays.

Better yet, dine with them on excellent food, in their favorite restaurants, as they reveal their treasured travel secrets and memories.

In the end, you’ll be scratching your head wondering, “What makes this marriage work?” …. and asking: “Why can’t mine be like that?”


Availble in Kindle ebook from Amazon or paperback from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or wherever fine books are sold.


What readers are saying about Love is a Pretty Girl with a Cape to Share your dreams With

Ten reviews: All 5 out of 5 stars

As an avid reader it’s been a long time in which I can say I’ve read a book that I truly couldn’t put down. Love Is… is one of those books.

From its lyrical title to its captivating cover, I was sent on an emotional journey.

Part autobiography, part love story, part motivational, Bob Boze takes you on a ride that dips and swerves across the globe on his adventures that beautifully captures his passion for flying, planes and travel.

Along the way he meets his soul mate, Sheryl, aka the Word Elf, who changes Bob’s life by opening up his world to new experiences, ideas and ways.

Bob has a gift for story-telling and unabashedly shares his life learnings that at times forced him to take an honest look at himself.

Love is… made me occasionally sad and at other times I cried with laughter.

With lots of little messages along the way Love is… left me taking an inward look at myself, my life and questioned whether I was settling for second best.

An unforgettable and absorbing story!


Wow!! What a great read. Bob inspires me with all he has done. This book had me laughing out loud and I feel like I have been in a trip around the world. His descriptions of his travels draws you in so you feel like you are right there with him. His witty writing style keeps you engrossed and wanting to keep reading more. You hit it out of the park with this one!!! Well done.


Bob and Sheryl are our neighbors. Wow. What an exciting life they have lived so far. So glad I picked this up and read it. Sheryl is just as awesome in this book as she is IRL. And Bob… Well, Bob is a just as much of a character as he portrays himself in this book. Pretty spot on all around.


An amusing book told by a man with an intriguing sense of humor. We have long enjoyed Bob and Sheryl’s Christmas letters. Their friendship, Bob’s honesty and humor in his writing. We, like many others, have encouraged Bob to write a book. Well done, it is a great description of what your hectic life has been composed of. Well done, your travels have been far and wide and both interesting and funny. Now on to the other book Horses of Tir Na Nog: A New Door Opens…….




This book told an amazing story of love, devotion and all that life has to offer. I now know the Boze family that much better! Thank you Bob.


Great read, intriguing and witty book with many charming short stories from beginning to end! I recommend that everyone should try reading for themselves!!


Can’t say the author has had a boring life. Where is the line for the Christmas letters? Will there be more?


I was gifted this book in exchange for a review. I have known Robert for a short time only through the internet but I agreed to do reviews of his books because hey, free books! I made it clear, though, that I would honestly report what I thought of his books, even if they weren’t very good. I am very happy to report that this book was wonderful. I give it five stars and it deserves every one.

I love books about travel, especially to other countries. England, China, Japan, among others, I would love to visit each and every one of them. Since I can’t, a vicarious trip through the pages of this book was the next best thing.

It was quite humorous. The Gray Mountain motel from hell cracked me up. And the ski trip. Just thinking about it makes me laugh. I also learned everything I ever wanted to know about running a restaurant and was completely convinced I really wouldn’t want to.

And yes, I do remember Melmac, only we called it plain old melamine. We loved it because it wouldn’t break. It was indestructible.

I am looking forward to reading his YA series. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good read.


This is a fun, light-hearted book of adventure and love that draws the reader into the whirlwind life of the author and his “pretty girl with a cape” (who is the love of his life). The dry humor combines with the most interesting, intimate details of Bob and Sheryl’s life to make you feel like you’ve been given a VIP invitation into their extraordinary lives. If you’ve ever been on an adventure, or even dreamed of exploring outside the confines of your comfortable neighborhood, this book will get you fired up to head out the door to immerse yourself in this great big world with the one you love!



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