Almost 7,000 miles separates two apple orchards, but it can’t separate the bond of love two sisters, Ciara and Moira, have for each other. Nor, can distance prevent someone from doing everything he can to assure the person he cherished falls in love with the one man who will love and treasure her as he did.

A year after a long overdue visit ends in the tragic death of Ciara’s husband, something draws her to the beach in Sumner New Zealand. Away from the orchard; the distraction she’s used to try and forget.

Is it fate or something else that guides her and her dog Macintosh, to that beach, on that morning, for a walk? A walk that will change her life forever.

And what, or who, is it that brings Aidan, a Bonita Fireman, halfway around the world so that a stray volleyball can lead him to someone? Someone he’s sure he knows. Someone that every sign, every gesture, every path, every beam of light keeps pointing to.


The authors invite you to enter this wonderful story of caring and friendship that quickly turns to love. A story guided not by fate, but perhaps someone watching over the one he was forced to leave behind. A story that suggests that love has no boundaries and that it doesn’t end when one partner is no longer with us; that love and caring don’t die when we do.

Available in Kindle ebook or paperback from Amazon or wherever fine books are sold.

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