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Planning on starting your own small business?

Want to revitalize one that’s not doing as well as you’d like?

Let Bob Boze and Robyn Bennett help you with their over 50 years of combined, sound entrepreneurial and business knowledge, and uniquely humorous slant on life and business.

Together, they’ll lead you through developing a business plan, getting your business off the ground with everything from the research you’ll need to do, to hunting for loans, choosing a location and putting everything you need in place.

If your business is in a funk, they’ll give you some ideas to help pull it out, rejuvenate it and get it back to being successful.

Along with all of that comes lots of humor and some spicy stories to help give you an idea of what you’re in for.


What business owners and future entrepreneurs are saying about How Not to Fail in Business Without Really Trying

“I enjoyed reading this book – each section followed each other quite nicely.  I also enjoyed the “exercises” bit at the end of each section.  This helped me to put the reading into practise and made me understand what one needs to do for going into business.”

Anita Lewis, Business owner wanna be, New Zealand

“This is an EXCELLENT read (even ESSENTIAL) for anyone thinking about being their own boss!  Laugh out loud in places, followed by very sobering insights encouraging follow up by the reader to develop a pragmatic, dependable and valuable business plan and move from using ‘rose tinted dream glasses’ to the clear sight of reality.  Wish I had had it 15 years ago!!  Well done Robyn and Bob!”

Tricia Caughley, AAPNZ Fellow, Ex business owner and Senior Administrator, Retired, Wellington, New Zealand

“This is an easy-to-read book (thank you), humorous (also thank you), and rich with helpful examples (I’ll be dreaming of cupcakes tonight for sure!). Being a business owner myself, many things resonated with me. In fact, I had a few ‘Crap! I never thought of that!’ moments.  The big lesson here for me was ‘Start small and expand!’  Looking back on the lifespan of my business, I wish I had done that.  Instead, I went big immediately with nowhere to go from there. So happy I stumbled upon this wonderful book! It will come in handy for my next business venture.”

Carly Fanguy, Co-Owner, 57 Degrees, San Diego, Ca.

“An amazingly written book, that highlights key points of starting a business, including the hard stuff. Bob and Robyn make you feel at ease with sarcasm and jokes; to really take you out of the stress and help you think with a level head.”

Alicia Melbourne, Owner of Maria Veni and (coming soon) Enchanted Cocktails, Alnwick, England.

Available in Kindle ebook for paperback from Amazon or wherever fine books are sold.

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