I’m Recovered

Yip! I’m Recovered!

Final three covers are finished! I so hope they have retained their appeal and “draw” yet look a bit more professional.

The Beach Pool Cover ebook Ver 2

This has been a very long journey and required a lot of help from several of you: Casey, of course, Alicia and Hailey. Nor can I forget Sheryl and Jini who are always ready to offer encouragement in any way they can.

Pretty Girl Front Cover Final High BPI

While doing my own covers was not my first choice, and a major struggle at times, I wouldn’t trade a minute of that struggle. As with other areas of writing, I have learned so much. And, though the journey was painful at times, that is the reason I’ll always remember it.

How to front cover

Do I now have artistic talent? Hell no. I’m still limited to ugly stickish figures no one can really recognize. Including my horses with trunks and big ears shaped like Africa. My elephorses! Which, most of you are probably thankful will always only be mine. (Hum? Subject for a new book? A vampire elephorse? Oww, I like it!)

I’d love any and all comments on my new covers. (As long as you understand that, I’m not changing them again! Hee hee.)

Well, I’ve a plane to London to catch so, enjoy.

2 thoughts on “I’m Recovered

  1. Hi Bob. Congratulations on getting your covers all up-to-date. I know it’s been a journey for you and you’ve learnt lots. You should be very proud of what you’ve achieved. I so love your covers! They are appealing and who could not want to read them. Well done. Oh, about the plane you have to catch… mine’s faster than yours!


    1. Aww. Thanks as always. Your planes only faster because your leaving a day ahead of us. But we still both get in on the same day. Ha Ha. Fly safe and we’ll meet you in London!


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